Sean Fennell, CEO, Initiafy.

  • Sean Fennell is a Co-founder and CEO of Initiafy – a safety training and contractor management software company headquartered in Dublin and with offices in London, New York and Toronto. He has been part of the safety world for over 10 years, working closely with construction companies in Europe, North America and globally, such as Balfour Beatty, Lendlease, Gilbane and Powergen.


    Presentation Title: Change Management: Introducing and Adopting Online Safety Training Technology in a Workplace (Shift from Traditional to Digital)


    Presentation Synopsis: Digitization is now in development in many workplaces across a multitude of industries, construction being no exception. To keep up with the fast-changing environment, safety managers will have to adopt to new models and technology when it comes to approving, training and tracking their workers online. The shift from traditional to digital is cultural, with a new mindset required to introduce and successfully adopt online safety technology in a workplace. We will look at the key challenges and roadblocks as well as solutions to integrate a new approach to worker management.



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