Colin Foley, E&I Site Lead / Maintenance Supervisor,Janssen Sciences Ireland UC.

    • Colin Foley, E&I Site Lead / Maintenance Supervisor,Janssen Sciences Ireland UC.'s presentations

    An accomplished and BSc qualified Engineering Professional with 24 years of experience, working with leading multi-national corporations including Pfizer, Eli Lilly, BioMarin & Janssen (JnJ) Group.

    I have held key roles in the areas of Engineering Design, Construction, Commissioning, Plant Maintenance and Production support in the API Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries.


    A CQA (Construction Quality Assurance) approach to a large scale Biotechnology Project Build for Electrical / Instrumentation


    (Key Aspects Include)

    • Importance of a dedicated discipline resource team on a large scale project
    • The use of I-pads and a dedicated software solution package for snag list management
    • Ensuring robust Engineering standards and specifications are in place
    • Ensure site observations and walk-downs are in place to detect early deviation from specification
    • Use of Quality and Inspection & Test Plans
    • FAT Coordinated execution
    • Use of First of Kinds & Mock-up’s
    • Standard approach to snag list management (From Vendor workshop Floor & Offsite FAT execution to onsite stick build applications)
    • Generation of QOR’s (Quality Observation Reports)
    • The building and cataloging of raw construction data and techniques, for use in future project delivery services


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