Maureen Marsden, Senior Acoustic Consultant, Resonate Acoustics, Ireland

    • Maureen Marsden, Senior Acoustic Consultant, Resonate Acoustics, Ireland's presentations

    Maureen Marsden is an Acoustic Engineer with Resonate Acoustics with 20 years experience in acoustics across a broad range of sectors including: building acoustics, transportation and industrial acoustics. She worked within the UK following the change to the Building Regulations in 2000 that required similar mandatory sound insulation testing to demonstrate that the minimum sound insulation performance standards were met.

    Presentation Title-

    Sound Testing Do’s and Don’ts: Lessons learned from similar mandatory testing in the UK (Maureen Marsden)

    Presentation Synopsis-

    The updated Building Regulations ‘TGD E-Sound’ now require mandatory sound testing on all residential developments that adjoin other buildings started since July 2015. This presentation summarises the requirements of the regulations and provides tips and tricks to avoid the common pitfalls.  The talk is essentially a summary of lessons learned from the introduction of similar mandatory testing introduced within the UK.


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