Dr Thomas Brennan – Managing Director , Consurv Building Ltd.

    • Dr Thomas Brennan – Managing Director , Consurv Building Ltd.'s presentations

    I am the founder of Consurv Building Limited based in Monaghan. I have
    devoted the greater part of my life to developing and researching methods of
    non-destructive treatment and protection of historic buildings and family homes.
    I have pioneered several non-intrusive exploratory techniques which has greatly
    reduced damage and costs normally associated with general inspection methods.
    With a doctorate in conservation studies and a Bachelor’s Degree in Building
    Surveying, I can maintain and maximise the effectiveness of existing building
    stock and ensure that proposed buildings meet appropriate standards.
    I have been actively involved in many European research projects including:
    European Research on Cultural Heritage, Histoclean and the ARCCHIP
    Programme funded by the European Parliament. I held the position of the
    Chairman of the Irish Damp Proofing Association, am a Founder Member of the
    European Dry Rot Research Association and the Irish Director of the
    International Society for the Built Environment.
    I headed the European Environmental Dry Rot Research Association, which
    represents members of the Dundee Abertay University, Hussvamp Laboratories
    in Denmark and EBS Building Services in London. The aim of the research
    group is to eradicate the unnecessary use of chemicals in the domestic and
    commercial environment and to help retain as much of the original fabric of
    buildings as possible. The project was successful in achieving European funding under the Framework Programme.
    I have delivered lectures in Trinity, UCC, RICS, Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Bolton Street College, Chief City Architects and Associates of Dublin City Corporation, UCD and at other European Conferences.
    CONSURV, Building Pathology is one of Ireland’s leading structural conservation companies.
    With over 30 years experience in Building Pathology, Dr Brennan and his Associates carefully apply their capabilities and knowledge to restore, protect and treat buildings from the damage caused by wood rot, insect infestation and rising and penetrative damp.

    Presentation Title
    Challenges facing the building Profession post Celtic Tiger

    My presentation will cover challenges facing the building profession post Celtic Tiger. I will look
    at the indoor environment, mould growth and the risks to the professionals associated with this


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