Dr Emmet English, Director, Resonate Acoustics, Ireland

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    Dr Emmet English is Director of Resonate Acoustics, a consultancy that provides clear, straight forward and practical solutions to potentially complex noise and vibration problems. Resonate Acoustics,in collaboration with Munisense, deliver custom monitoring solutions that allow their customers to extract information from their measurements in real-time.

    Emmet has worked as a professional acoustic consultant on over 200 projects in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australasia, the Middle East and the USA. Emmet specialises in acoustics and vibration, with expertise in a variety of areas such as environmental noise, vibration isolation and design, building acoustics design, and transportation noise.

    Presentation Title:

    SMART monitoring for large construction sites

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) has allowed for real-time measurement and control of the potential impacts of construction sites.  Such impacts include groundwater related problems, noise, vibration andair quality which are important for the construction firm, the neighbours, and the government that issued the permit.


    Real-time online monitoring and management, including a web portal and real-time alerts via sms and emails, makes it possible to measure frequently and act immediately when necessary. This presentation discusses how IoT solutions have developed to solve construction site challenges including case studies of how they have been applied.



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