Natalia Shiel, CEO of Pavanu Mobility ltd. Ireland, co Offaly

    • Natalia Shiel, CEO of Pavanu Mobility ltd. Ireland, co Offaly's presentations

    CEO Natalia Shiel is a business studies graduate with 10 years’ experience as a business manager and retail entrepreneur. She is a founding member of the Pavanu team and no stranger to the demands of building a business from scratch. As she puts it: “smooth sailing is only a dream for a startup. We have to work extremely hard to get results.

    We promote and facilitate products and environments that are inherently accessible to everyone and are all the more productive and profitable for it. In a nutshell – “Accessibility” in our built environments is a genuine case of having your cake and eating it and our aim is help other businesses get their slice!”

    “Minding the Gap”

    The logistics, challenges & legislative hurdles involved in planning for pedestrian journey’s on our national road and sidewalk infrastructure – with a particular emphasis on the needs of the disabled, the elderly and the otherwise mobility impaired. We outline the ROI benefits of embracing an accessible world sooner rather than later & use hard-hitting, real life examples to illuminate the ‘gap’ between simply following technical standards and making them matter.


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